Value-Added Services

CWLS provides customised solutions that are designed to your company's specific demands, allowing you to boost productivity, reduce costs, and optimise every area of your supply chain.

Value-Added Services

CWLS offers well-crafted, unique, value-added services designed to meet your operational requirements. We can customise any value-added service to fit your specific needs. These services vary from industry-to-industry, client-to-client, and product-to-product.

These services include:

  • Kitting and Packing as per specifications
  • Scanning, Bar code printing, and Labelling
  • User manuals, Warranty card insertions
  • Pre-dispatch inspections and Time-definite deliveries
  • Cannibalization of parts and spares logistics (forward and reverse)
  • International repairs and returns
  • Bonded warehouse management and compliance
value-added services provider in Goa

Key Benefits

Reduced In-house Labour Costs

Improved Market Positioning

Ease of Integration

Increased Product Differentiation

Improve Quality

Unlock the Power of Efficiency