Different types of warehouses


Different types of warehouses

March 13, 2023

The process of warehousing solutions in Goa may seem simple however it is a very diverse industry that needs to cater to the finer aspects of a lot of things. A warehouse is defined as a large building where goods and materials are temporarily stored before they are sold or exported. Large companies and businesses need access to these warehouses as per the demand of the market. The need for a warehouse leads to the exploration of the best type of warehouse that will suit the specific needs of every business. Choosing the right kind of warehouses by warehousing companies impacts order fulfillment, which subsequently has a major role to play in your customer relations. Not knowing which warehouse option to choose can cost your business a lot of time and money.


In this article, we present facts about the different types of warehouses and their uses. Knowledge of different warehouse types helps you better understand how products move from supplier to consumer in the market. 


Factors that go into choosing warehouses:


  • Nature of the product you are storing
  • Duration of time you need to store the product
  • The necessary climate conditions required for proper storage
  • The necessary amount of space you need for storage
  • Security levels required for storage
  • The proximity to your customers’ location
  • The cost that is involved in the storage
  • The availability of labor for various fulfillment processes


Types of warehouses:


There are different types of warehouses in Goa, each type comes with its strengths and weaknesses. The kind of warehouse that suits you will always depend on your business needs. 


  • Distribution centers – Distribution centers are warehouses that have a big amount of space. These centers are responsible for the fast movement of goods. Goods are procured by multiple suppliers and then are immediately sent for distribution. All of these centers are strategically located close to transportation centers. 

Important characteristics:

  • Distribution centers are equipped with advanced technologies.
  • They provide value-added services like pick & pack services, docking, etc.
  • Ideal for storing goods temporarily or for a short period of time.

  • Bonded warehouses – In a bonded warehouse imported goods are stored before the customs duties are made to be paid on them. These warehouses in the supply chain are simply ideal for importers as they can keep their items duty-free until they find buyers for them in the market. Customs clearance often is an extensive process, and bonded warehouses provide a safe space for imported goods in the meantime. 

Important characteristics

  • No need to pay duties until items are released from storage for delivery 
  • Versatile facilities to accommodate a large variety of products
  • Perfectly suited for companies or businesses that deal with cross-border training

  • Smart Warehouse – Modern warehouses that use automation and artificial intelligence in their storage and fulfillment facilities are known as smart warehouses. From the process of the packaging right up to automation, everything is automated. 

Important characteristics:

  • Fewer chances of error
  • Reduced manual efforts and highly cost-effective

  • Cold Storage Warehouse – Temperature-sensitive products are stored in cold storage warehouses. With the utilization of climate-controlled premises, the inventory is safely stored and no losses are suffered before goods are delivered. Goods such as prescription and over-the-counter medications, fresh foods, plants, personal care products, and so on are stored in cold storage warehouses. 

Important characteristics

  • Ideally suited for companies or businesses that sell perishable inventory 
  • It suits the needs of businesses that require certain specific conditions for rare products, such as artwork or plants
  • Services most commonly used by pharmaceutical companies 

  • On-demand warehouses – E-commerce and online businesses have led to an increase in on-demand warehouses. Under on-demand warehousing solutions in Goa, warehousing is provided to businesses that are looking to connect with companies with an excess of warehousing space. This kind of warehousing is a well-suited option for businesses that might need storage only for temporary or seasonal needs for the warehouse.

Important characteristics

  • Works perfectly for businesses dealing with a sudden spike in their inventory.
  • Two alike companies can easily store goods together.
  • Cost-effective for temporary warehousing needs.

  • Consolidated warehouses – Consolidated warehouses are third-party storage spaces where small shipments are collected from various suppliers and combined into a bigger and more economical truckload. Most of these goods are then bound for a similar geographical location. If you are an owner of a start-up these kinds of warehouses work well for you. 

Important characteristics

  • Suits economies that scale up periodically 
  • No heavy capital investment needed


What are some of the best features to look for in a warehouse?


Well-managed houses are always the need of the hour and there are some qualities that just cannot be compromised on. Here are a few features that warehouses must look into:


  • The software should be up to date and must work error-free
  • The mechanical systems must be well maintained and work seamlessly
  • The security systems must be in check for the safety of all goods
  • Emergency and safety protocols must be in place for the safety of the staff working in the industry
  • Warehouses must be efficient and must pay close attention to customer service
  • The temperature control features must be working effectively so that goods are stored at the recommended temperatures as per the industry standards


Let Chowgule Brothers assist you with all your warehousing needs


Chowgule Brothers partners with warehouses all across the world to provide more efficient, affordable, and highly professional order fulfillment services. We help you discover more effective ways for storing and fulfilling inventory orders. 

The service of warehousing solutions in Goa can be easily overwhelming by the various types of warehousing to choose from. With so many choices to choose from for businesses, the task can be challenging at times. However, it is a very crucial process to select warehousing companies that will properly accommodate your specific inventory while also providing access to facilities that aid with long-term growth and profit. At Chowgule Brothers we possess an extensive understanding of the different types of warehouses, that have a strong working knowledge of inventory and supply chain management. Our highly competitive pricing ensures that businesses choose the best warehouse for their goals and needs.